About Olswell Cannabis Co.

Weed Dispensary located near Traverse City, Grand Rapids & Adrian MI

Our Cannabis Mission

At Olswell provisioning centers, our mission is to provide unmatched service with uncompromising quality. With our commitment to the highest standards, we create the trust necessary to promote and uplift a conscious and healthy community.

The New Era of Detroit Weed

In carefully studying the Michigan cannabis industry, Olswell has identified a serious lack of focus on the retail shopping experience. By developing trusted relationships with clients in both medical and recreational markets, Olswell is redefining customer engagement in the cannabis space. Guided by a steadfast focus on quality products and consumer education, Olswell will help usher in a new era of professionalism in Michigan cannabis.


Beginning with an unwavering core of top-notch employee training, Olswell will educate the people of Michigan on the truth about medical cannabis. Within our provisioning centers as well as the greater community, Olswell strives to help people of all experience levels feel comfortable with cannabis. We feel this combination of honest advocacy and strategic business offers the perfect balance for success in today’s cannabis marketplace.