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Olswell Staff Picks – Spring 2022

Olswell Staff Picks – Spring 2022

Here are some of our staff’s favorite products we carry at our Grand Rapids location.

The team here at Olswell REALLY loves their cannabis and the many products we choose to carry. From terpene-rich cannabis to premium hash rosin, a wide variety of edibles, and more, here are some of our staff’s favorite products we carry at our Grand Rapids location.

Matt C – General Manager of Olswell Grand Rapids

“For flower, it’s going to be Michgrown and Golden Shores. The quality is top shelf and I know their growing methods and growers. It comes down to the taste, smoothness, and quality of their grow. Not to mention they are caregiver brands and I am all about supporting Michigan caregivers!

Also, I love how Golden Shores incorporate wildflower seeds in their preroll tips to help save the bees!

For concentrates, it’s Rkive no doubt. This, in my opinion, is the highest quality hash in the market and they never use CRC. Also, the flower is single-sourced unless they do collaborations, which are always great too.

Scout is also awesome. It’s single source as well, non-CRC and they have a wide variety of strains, not just cookies!

For vape carts, I swear by redemption. The concentrate being real, single-sourced live resin provides a nice flavorful vapor from start to finish. I like the half grams because I can get to new strains sooner and they don’t taste terrible halfway through! Lastly, they are a Michigan-based company, caregiver run and also give back to those who are wrongfully imprisoned. Just an all-around great company that can have my money any day of the week.

Wyld is my favorite edible brand outside of Mojo’s chocolate. Both products are high quality, no distillate flavor and I love how Wyld incorporates other cannabinoids other than THC to help provide more of a medicinal benefit for customers.”

Bristal – Assistant General Manager of Olswell Grand Rapids

“I’m a flower girl! So, flower consumption is my first and favorite choice. I flip-flop between the effects I’m looking for. Sometimes, I am really into cultivars that keep me elevated/give me a euphoric high. Other times, I look for flower that will provide more body relaxation and couch-lock effects. Whenever I buy flower, it usually is always Rkive or Michigrown because of their attention to quality and detail.

I also love edibles! My favorites are Monster Medibles and Smokiez gummies because of their chewy texture, great flavor, and effects!”

Peach – Shift Lead at Olswell Grand Rapids

“I love Rkive! They are so new in the cannabis industry, yet a lot of people are starting to notice how tasty and smooth their concentrates are. You have to respect how far they have come in such a short time. Their hash rosin looks amazing, smells so terpy, and usually has the nice buttery consistency that I prefer.

My favorite strains are Black Cherry Punch #3 and LA Kush Cake. The Black Cherry Punch #3 is so tasty like candy and the LA Kush Cake gets me nicely relaxed and ready to chill.

Michigrown has some amazing flower as well. I haven’t got the chance to try every strain of theirs, but everything I have tried consistently impressed me! Their flower burns very smooth and the terps are on point. Some strains that stand out to me are the GMOG and Oreoz. I love the laid-back, sedative effect they have on me and many others I recommend it to!

Lastly, Midnight Roots are the best chocolate edibles I have had so far. The 200mg bars taste just like the 100mg and they do an amazing job at hiding the weed taste that many prefer to avoid. I have tried a lot of their flavors, but the 200mg Strawberry Milkshake bar has to be my favorite so far. It’s so creamy and tasty and the effects are always consistent!”

Max – Herbal Coach at Olswell Grand Rapids

“My favorite products we carry are Golden Shores and Redemption prerolls.

Redemption prerolls are great because they always come packed just how I like them. Their Mafia Funeral preroll is my favorite. It always gets me lollygaggin’ and feeling floaty!

I also love the Golden Shores prerolls because they come with a beeswax tip embedded with a wildflower seed. So, after you’re done smoking and throw your joint in the grass, eventually a flower will grow to help save the bees! Their flower is always smooth, and I really enjoy the highs.

Molotov 19 by HOG is some of my favorite flowers we have as well. I love the fact HOG grows organically and their flower smells so sweet and gassy. The hints of purple all throughout the flower gives it a really pretty look too.

Lastly, Wyld gummies are my favorite gummies we carry. They are made with real fruit, which you can tell in the flavor. They are high-quality, consistent, and always effective for me.”

Goob – Herbal Coach at Olswell Grand Rapids

“I love Rkive’s Lemon Royal live resin. It tastes so good with GMO terps pulling through, as well as a nice lemony punch. It gives me a relaxing and clear head high, which I thoroughly enjoy.

As far as flower goes, my favorite strain we have currently is Mac1 from Michigrown. This flower smells amazing and gives me a perfect sleepy high for the evenings.

Lastly, I have to say I do enjoy the CYP lemonade. Each packet has 10mgs of THC and it’s a refreshing form of consumption. Also, the added vitamin C is nice for me on days I am feeling more fatigued.”

Megan – Herbal Coach at Olswell Grand Rapids

“The first things that pop in my mind are Oreoz from Michigrown and Rkive concentrates, Black Cherry Punch #1 hash rosin and Biscotti Pancakes cured resin to be specific.

What I love about Michigrown’s Oreoz is its smoothness, sweet flavor, and mellow high. It always leaves me feeling relaxed after a joint.

The Black Cherry Punch #1 hash rosin from Rkive also sticks out. The high is definitely a slow creeper but it’s so relaxing. Very fruity terps and it’s such a treat to dab after a long day’s work.

I also really enjoy the Biscotti Pancakes cured resin. The taste is nice and earthy, with little notes of burnt coffee. But I love the high. The quality of this concentrate is fantastic for it being cured resin and I love the fact Rkive never uses CRC.

I’m also a fan of edibles! My favorites are Shattered Thoughts gummies. I love that the dosing is 20mg per piece. The high is also a creeper but it always puts me in a good mood!”

There you have it! These are some of our staff’s favorite ways to medicate with the products we carry! If you ever have any questions, please feel free to stop by and talk with one of our herbal coaches, we would love to help!