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Trends in Cannabis Consumption

Trends in Cannabis Consumption

Hear from the team at Grand Rapids on what they and their guests are getting into.


“I’ve been in this industry as a caregiver since 2009; cultivation methodology, product purity, and overall quality are some of the criteria by which I judge cannabis and its derivatives.

For flower, Michigrown and Golden Shores are two of the top cultivators we carry at Olswell Grand Rapids. Both share the top-shelf quality I look for in flower, as well as established growing practices/growers. For me, it comes down to taste, smoothness, and the quality of their grow. Not to mention, sharing the Michigan caregiver start in the industry does a lot to earn my support. Golden Shores’ incorporation of wildflower seeds in their prerolls tips for bee conservation efforts is an excellent touch, as well.

RKIVE has definitely taken the concentrate market by storm. Superior quality hash rosin, live resin, and cured resin, cultivated and processed by cannabis artisans who also got their start in the caregiver days. Their commitment to quality and against the use of color remediation column (CRC) technology is important. Scout Cannabis Co., a relative newcomer, shares that commitment against CRC and usage of single-source extraction material.

Gummies and chocolate both provide different benefits, for me, and my go-to brands are WYLD and Mojo, respectively. Both offer excellent quality, a lack of distillate flavor, and the former incorporates a fuller-spectrum of cannabinoids outside of solely THC.”


“First and foremost, I’m a flower girl, so that’s my first/favorite consumption method. I tend to seek different effects from my flower: sometimes I’m interested in cultivars that keep me elevated/give me a feeling of euphoria, and others, I look for more body-relaxing, couch-locking flower.

When I purchase personally, I go for RKIVE or Michigrown, because of their quality and attention to detail.

If I’m not going for flower, you’ll find me grabbing some gummies. Monster has been around forever and really knows their flavor profile, but Smokiez, a newcomer in Michigan, offer a vegan alternative that are absolutely excellent! Chewy texture, great flavor, and superb effects!”


“I LOVE RKIVE! They may be new to the industry, but they are getting noticed. Tasty and smooth concentrates; especially their hash rosin. It looks amazing, smells terpy, and usually has that buttery consistency I prefer in my extracts.

My favorite strains they offer are the Black Cherry Punch #3 and the LA Kush Cake, for different reasons. BCP#3 offers an excellent, almost candy-like flavor, and the LA Kush Cake provides a relaxing, chill feeling.

Michigrown definitely has some amazing flower as well. I haven’t tried everything they grow, but what I have tried has continued to impress. The flower burns smoothly and the terpenes are on point. The standout strains, for me, are GMOG and Oreoz. I love the laid-back, sedative effect they have on myself and the many others I recommend them to!

If I’m looking for a good time without smoking, Midnight Bars chocolates are an absolute must. They do an amazing job of masking any distillate flavor and most of their products have pieces of the fruit or sweet in the chocolate! I’ve tried most of their selection, but I always come back to the Strawberry Milkshake bar. Creamy, tasty, and the effects are always consistent!”